Commit a16a5cfc authored by Jürg Billeter's avatar Jürg Billeter Add find_missing_blobs() method

parent 4ea1ae62
......@@ -436,3 +436,30 @@ class ArtifactCache(BaseCache):
if missing_blobs:
raise ArtifactError("Blobs not found on configured artifact servers")
# find_missing_blobs():
# Find missing blobs from configured push remote repositories.
# Args:
# project (Project): The current project
# missing_blobs (list): The Digests of the blobs to check
# Returns:
# (list): The Digests of the blobs missing on at least one push remote
def find_missing_blobs(self, project, missing_blobs):
if not missing_blobs:
return []
push_remotes = [r for r in self._remotes[project] if r.spec.push]
remote_missing_blobs_set = set()
for remote in push_remotes:
remote_missing_blobs = self.cas.remote_missing_blobs(remote, missing_blobs)
return list(remote_missing_blobs_set)
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