Commit 46efc91d authored by Angelos Evripiotis's avatar Angelos Evripiotis Committed by Angelos Evripiotis

BREAK: remove auto-init behaviour

In the event that the project could not be found, stop BuildStream from
asking if the user would like to create a new project. Exit with error
instead, and give a hint to the user in case they're new.

As proposed on the mailing list here:

The new interaction looks like this:

    $ bst show nonsuch.bst
    No project found. You can create a new project like so:

        bst init

    Error loading project: None of ['project.conf', '.bstproject.yaml']
    found in '/src/temp/blah' or any of its parent directories

Fixes #826
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......@@ -30,6 +30,12 @@ buildstream 1.3.1
make changes to their .bst files if they are expecting these environment
variables to be set.
o BREAKING CHANGE: The 'auto-init' functionality has been removed. This would
offer to create a project in the event that bst was run against a directory
without a project, to be friendly to new users. It has been replaced with
an error message and a hint instead, to avoid bothering folks that just
made a mistake.
o Failed builds are included in the cache as well.
`bst checkout` will provide anything in `%{install-root}`.
A build including cached fails will cause any dependant elements
......@@ -67,8 +73,8 @@ buildstream 1.3.1
instead of just a specially-formatted build-root with a `root` and `scratch`
o The buildstream.conf file learned new '',
'prompt.really-workspace-close-remove-dir', and
o The buildstream.conf file learned new
'prompt.really-workspace-close-remove-dir' and
'prompt.really-workspace-reset-hard' options. These allow users to suppress
certain confirmation prompts, e.g. double-checking that the user meant to
run the command as typed.
......@@ -117,10 +117,6 @@ class Context():
# Whether or not to attempt to pull build trees globally
self.pull_buildtrees = None
# Boolean, whether to offer to create a project for the user, if we are
# invoked outside of a directory where we can resolve the project.
self.prompt_auto_init = None
# Boolean, whether we double-check with the user that they meant to
# remove a workspace directory.
self.prompt_workspace_close_remove_dir = None
......@@ -258,12 +254,10 @@ class Context():
prompt = _yaml.node_get(
defaults, Mapping, 'prompt')
_yaml.node_validate(prompt, [
'auto-init', 'really-workspace-close-remove-dir',
self.prompt_auto_init = _node_get_option_str(
prompt, 'auto-init', ['ask', 'no']) == 'ask'
self.prompt_workspace_close_remove_dir = _node_get_option_str(
prompt, 'really-workspace-close-remove-dir', ['ask', 'yes']) == 'ask'
self.prompt_workspace_close_project_inaccessible = _node_get_option_str(
......@@ -219,13 +219,13 @@ class App():
except LoadError as e:
# Let's automatically start a `bst init` session in this case
if e.reason == LoadErrorReason.MISSING_PROJECT_CONF and self.interactive:
click.echo("A project was not detected in the directory: {}".format(directory), err=True)
if self.context.prompt_auto_init:
click.echo("", err=True)
if click.confirm("Would you like to create a new project here?"):
# Help users that are new to BuildStream by suggesting 'init'.
# We don't want to slow down users that just made a mistake, so
# don't stop them with an offer to create a project for them.
if e.reason == LoadErrorReason.MISSING_PROJECT_CONF:
click.echo("No project found. You can create a new project like so:", err=True)
click.echo("", err=True)
click.echo(" bst init", err=True)
self._error_exit(e, "Error loading project")
......@@ -112,14 +112,6 @@ logging:
# Whether to create a project with 'bst init' if we are invoked outside of a
# directory where we can resolve the project.
# ask - Prompt the user to choose.
# no - Never create the project.
auto-init: ask
# Whether to really proceed with 'bst workspace close --remove-dir' removing
# a workspace directory, potentially losing changes.
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