Commit 218a7793 authored by Phil Dawson's avatar Phil Dawson

tox.ini Allow movement of coverage files to fail for external tests

If the list of external plugin tests is empty, tox -e pyXX-external
will fail attempting to move a coverage file which doesn't exist.

Allow the offending mv command to fail.
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......@@ -16,7 +16,8 @@ commands =
py{35,36,37}-!external-!nocover: pytest --basetemp {envtmpdir} --cov=buildstream --cov-config .coveragerc {posargs}
py{35,36,37}-!nocover: mkdir -p .coverage-reports
external-!nocover: {envpython} {toxinidir}/tests/ {envtmpdir} --cov=buildstream --cov-append {posargs}
py{35,36,37}-!nocover: mv {envtmpdir}/.coverage {toxinidir}/.coverage-reports/.coverage.{env:COVERAGE_PREFIX:}{envname}
py{35,36,37}-!external-!nocover: mv {envtmpdir}/.coverage {toxinidir}/.coverage-reports/.coverage.{env:COVERAGE_PREFIX:}{envname}
py{35,36,37}-external-!nocover: - mv {envtmpdir}/.coverage {toxinidir}/.coverage-reports/.coverage.{env:COVERAGE_PREFIX:}{envname}
# Running with coverage reporting disabled
py{35,36,37}-!external-nocover: pytest --basetemp {envtmpdir} {posargs}
external-nocover: {envpython} {toxinidir}/tests/ {envtmpdir} {posargs}
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