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    Element: Use cached buildtree in build shells and failure shells · 37afde0a
    Jonathan Maw authored
    This includes changes in app.py:
    * Interactive failure shell no longer uses the failed build sysroot,
      defaulting to the cached build tree.
    Changes in element.py are:
    * Errors caused by building don't store the failed build sysroot,
      instead storing that a sandbox can be created to debug the error.
    * When staging sources, will stage the element's cached build tree if it
    Changes in _exceptions.py:
    * BstError.sandbox is now a flag of whether a sandbox can be opened up
      to debug the error.
    Changes in widget.py:
    * Don't try to print any information about the sandbox.
    Changes in _message.py:
    * Fix documentation so Message.sandbox is not a directory any more.
    This is part of #539
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