Commit ba018efe authored by Chandan Singh's avatar Chandan Singh Committed by Tristan Van Berkom

contrib/bst-here: Fix command/arg in usage instructions

As we can only accept arguments when a command is specified, make it
clear in the usage instructions.
parent 9d7296eb
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
usage() {
cat <<EOF
USAGE: $(basename "$0") [-i BST_HERE_IMAGE] [-p] [-t] [-T] [-v VOLUME ...] [-h] [COMMAND] [ARG..]
USAGE: $(basename "$0") [-i BST_HERE_IMAGE] [-p] [-t] [-T] [-v VOLUME ...] [-h] [COMMAND [ARG..]]
Run a bst command in a new BuildStream container.
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