Commit b2b365fb authored by Chandan Singh's avatar Chandan Singh Remove unused internal function _extract_plugin_paths()

For reference, this method was added in
commit c41f1093, but since
commit 4912ed5f it has been unused.
parent edf3e029
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......@@ -458,11 +458,3 @@ class Project():
# paths are passed in relative to the project, but must be absolute
origin_dict['path'] = os.path.join(, origin_dict['path'])
def _extract_plugin_paths(self, node, name):
if not node:
path_list = _yaml.node_get(node, list, name, default_value=[])
for i in range(len(path_list)):
path = _yaml.node_get(node, str, name, indices=[i])
yield path
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