Commit 8985da07 authored by Valentin David's avatar Valentin David Committed by Tristan Van Berkom

buildstream/plugins/sources/ Store etag along with cache.

Fixes #377.
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......@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ class DownloadableFileSource(Source):
def configure(self, node):
self.original_url = self.node_get_member(node, str, 'url')
self.ref = self.node_get_member(node, str, 'ref', None)
self.etag = self.node_get_member(node, str, 'etag', None)
self.url = self.translate_url(self.original_url)
def preflight(self):
......@@ -39,24 +39,13 @@ class DownloadableFileSource(Source):
def load_ref(self, node):
self.ref = self.node_get_member(node, str, 'ref', None)
self.etag = self.node_get_member(node, str, 'etag', None)
def get_ref(self):
# Report `None` value if we dont have a ref
if self.ref is None:
return None
return (self.ref, self.etag)
return self.ref
def set_ref(self, ref, node):
# Always support `None` value for ref
if ref is None:
ref = (None, None)
self.ref, self.etag = ref
node['ref'] = self.ref
if self.etag:
node['etag'] = self.etag
node['ref'] = self.ref = ref
def track(self):
# there is no 'track' field in the source to determine what/whether
......@@ -64,7 +53,7 @@ class DownloadableFileSource(Source):
# decision by the user.
with self.timed_activity("Tracking {}".format(self.url),
new_ref, new_etag = self._ensure_mirror()
new_ref = self._ensure_mirror()
if self.ref and self.ref != new_ref:
detail = "When tracking, new ref differs from current ref:\n" \
......@@ -73,7 +62,7 @@ class DownloadableFileSource(Source):
+ " New ref: {}\n".format(new_ref)
self.warn("Potential man-in-the-middle attack!", detail=detail)
return (new_ref, new_etag)
return new_ref
def fetch(self):
......@@ -87,11 +76,30 @@ class DownloadableFileSource(Source):
# Download the file, raise hell if the sha256sums don't match,
# and mirror the file otherwise.
with self.timed_activity("Fetching {}".format(self.url), silent_nested=True):
sha256, _ = self._ensure_mirror()
sha256 = self._ensure_mirror()
if sha256 != self.ref:
raise SourceError("File downloaded from {} has sha256sum '{}', not '{}'!"
.format(self.url, sha256, self.ref))
def _warn_deprecated_etag(self, node):
etag = self.node_get_member(node, str, 'etag', None)
if etag:
provenance = self.node_provenance(node, member_name='etag')
self.warn('{} "etag" is deprecated and ignored.'.format(provenance))
def _get_etag(self, ref):
etagfilename = os.path.join(self._get_mirror_dir(), '{}.etag'.format(ref))
if os.path.exists(etagfilename):
with open(etagfilename, 'r') as etagfile:
return None
def _store_etag(self, ref, etag):
etagfilename = os.path.join(self._get_mirror_dir(), '{}.etag'.format(ref))
with utils.save_file_atomic(etagfilename) as etagfile:
def _ensure_mirror(self):
# Downloads from the url and caches it according to its sha256sum.
......@@ -100,9 +108,15 @@ class DownloadableFileSource(Source):
request = urllib.request.Request(self.url)
request.add_header('Accept', '*/*')
# Do not re-download the file if the ETag matches
if self.etag and self.get_consistency() == Consistency.CACHED:
request.add_header('If-None-Match', self.etag)
# We do not use etag in case what we have in cache is
# not matching ref in order to be able to recover from
# corrupted download.
if self.ref:
etag = self._get_etag(self.ref)
# Do not re-download the file if the ETag matches.
if etag and self.get_consistency() == Consistency.CACHED:
request.add_header('If-None-Match', etag)
with contextlib.closing(urllib.request.urlopen(request)) as response:
info =
......@@ -125,11 +139,16 @@ class DownloadableFileSource(Source):
# In case the old file was corrupted somehow.
os.rename(local_file, self._get_mirror_file(sha256))
return (sha256, etag)
if etag:
self._store_etag(sha256, etag)
return sha256
except urllib.error.HTTPError as e:
if e.code == 304:
return (self.ref, self.etag)
# 304 Not Modified.
# Because we use etag only for matching ref, currently specified ref is what
# we would have downloaded.
return self.ref
raise SourceError("{}: Error mirroring {}: {}"
.format(self, self.url, e)) from e
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