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Summary files are no longer used.
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......@@ -163,23 +163,6 @@ For this you will want something like the following in your ``/etc/ssh/sshd_conf
ForceCommand bst-artifact-receive --pull-url --verbose artifacts
Summary file updates
BuildStream uses the OSTree summary file to determine what artifacts are
available in the remote artifact cache. ``ostree summary -u`` updates
the summary file. This command cannot be run concurrently and thus it
cannot be executed by ``bst-artifact-receive``, it has to be triggered
A simple way to configure this is to set up a cron job that triggers the
summary file update every 5 minutes.
E.g., create ``/etc/cron.d/artifacts`` with the following content:
.. code::
*/5 * * * * artifacts ostree --repo=/home/artifacts/artifacts summary -u
User configuration
The user configuration for artifacts is documented with the rest
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