Commit 60a29f68 authored by Tristan Maat's avatar Tristan Maat Committed by Tristan Van Berkom Introduce _list_all_refs() and list_artifacts()

The unused list_remote_refs() function has also been removed as
part of this commit.
parent 4632cb03
......@@ -552,3 +552,47 @@ def configure_remote(repo, remote, url, key_url=None):
repo.remote_gpg_import(remote, stream, None, 0, None)
except GLib.GError as e:
raise OSTreeError("Failed to add gpg key from url '{}': {}".format(key_url, e.message)) from e
# list_artifacts():
# List cached artifacts in Least Recently Modified (LRM) order.
# Returns:
# (list) - A list of refs in LRM order
def list_artifacts(repo):
# string of: /path/to/repo/refs/heads
ref_heads = os.path.join(repo.get_path().get_path(), 'refs', 'heads')
# obtain list of <project>/<element>/<key>
refs = _list_all_refs(repo).keys()
mtimes = []
for ref in refs:
ref_path = os.path.join(ref_heads, ref)
if os.path.exists(ref_path):
# Obtain the mtime (the time a file was last modified)
# NOTE: Sorted will sort from earliest to latest, thus the
# first element of this list will be the file modified earliest.
return [ref for _, ref in sorted(zip(mtimes, refs))]
# _list_all_refs():
# Create a list of all refs.
# Args:
# repo (OSTree.Repo): The repo
# Returns:
# (dict): A dict of refs to checksums.
def _list_all_refs(repo):
_, refs = repo.list_refs(None)
return refs
except GLib.GError as e:
raise OSTreeError(message=e.message) from e
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