Commit 4f168b9b authored by Daniel Playle's avatar Daniel Playle Committed by Tristan Van Berkom

Restrict version of pylint

pylint >2 is not compatible with pytest_pylint in its current form. As
such, allowing any version of pylint for testing results in a failure.

This commit restricts down the allowable versions of pylint to those
that are both compatible with pytest_pylint, and also offer the feature
set that we require.

See #427 for further
parent 4016bec1
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......@@ -257,5 +257,6 @@ setup(name='BuildStream',
# Provide option to run tests in parallel, less reliable
'pytest >= 3.1.0'],
'pytest >= 3.1.0',
'pylint >= 1.8 , < 2'],
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