Commit 279dcb40 authored by Tristan Maat's avatar Tristan Maat Committed by Jürg Billeter

tests/context/ Test setting XDG_CACHE_HOME

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......@@ -47,6 +47,23 @@ def test_context_load(context_fixture):
assert(context.logdir == os.path.join(cache_home, 'buildstream', 'logs'))
# Assert that a changed XDG_CACHE_HOME doesn't cause issues
def test_context_load_envvar(context_fixture):
os.environ['XDG_CACHE_HOME'] = '/some/path/'
context = context_fixture['context']
assert(isinstance(context, Context))
assert(context.sourcedir == os.path.join('/', 'some', 'path', 'buildstream', 'sources'))
assert(context.builddir == os.path.join('/', 'some', 'path', 'buildstream', 'build'))
assert(context.artifactdir == os.path.join('/', 'some', 'path', 'buildstream', 'artifacts'))
assert(context.logdir == os.path.join('/', 'some', 'path', 'buildstream', 'logs'))
# Reset the environment variable
del os.environ['XDG_CACHE_HOME']
# Test that values in a user specified config file
# override the defaults
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