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    Fork and embed fusepy · bf0f2863
    Sam Thursfield authored
    The upstream of fuse.py is <https://github.com/terencehonles/fusepy>. It looks
    pretty abandoned -- there have been no commits there since 5th April 2016 and
    there are 17 pull requests dating from 2013 onwards that are still waiting for
    responses from the maintainer.
    There's no support in fuse.py for ppc64 platforms which means BuildStream is
    unusable on that architecture at present. My pull request to fix that upstream
    is being ignored; since the module is a single .py file provided under the
    ISC license it is simplest to pull the whole thing into buildstream.git instead.
    The version of fuse.py that's been embedded is the one from pull request #72,
    from upstream release v2.0.4 (commit 0eafeb5).
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