Commit c776581d authored by Lachlan's avatar Lachlan

Linting correction

parent ed2bd0c2
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......@@ -206,7 +206,8 @@ def verify_token_data(token_data, last_result, results_path, repo_path):
if token_data['build']['bm_sha'] not in [
commit.hexsha for commit in bench_mark_repo.iter_commits(
logging.error('SHA of previous benchmarking Head not in repo branch: %', token_data['build']['bm_sha'])
error_msg = 'SHA of previous benchmarking Head not in repo branch: %'
logging.error(error_msg, token_data['build']['bm_sha'])
return False
except git.exc.GitError as err: # pylint: disable=no-member
logging.error("Unable to verify benchmark sha: %s", err)
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