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      Only guess products if there are no non-dependency outputs · 76155ede
      Richard Kennedy authored
      Before this commit, RECC would not guess products if there were products
      explicitly named/produced by the command. This is normally fine, since
      options like `-o` cannot be used when multiple outputs are produced.
      However, by using options like `-MF -MD` one can explicity produce dependency
      outputs while running a compilation command. This means that RECC would not
      guess the compiler outputs in these situations.
      This commit changes this behavior so that RECC will guess compiler outputs
      even if the dependencies are explicitly written out to a file. This is done
      by seperating out dependency products and non dependency
      products in parsedcommandfactory.
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      Add cache-only mode functionality · dfbed022
      Tristan Maat authored
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      Add RECC_CACHE_ONLY option · eccd4df2
      Tristan Maat authored
      Due to how environment variables are resolved, and channels are
      configured, it's difficult to add a cache-only mode without adding
      another option.
      This is because there is no way to distinguish between RECC_SERVER
      unset and set to the default after variables are resolved, and when
      forced in, everything assumes a remote channel is created, even if not
      used, so we need an address for RECC_SERVER (or a _lot_ of reworking
      of the internals).
      Instead, let's create a RECC_CACHE_ONLY option. This gives users a bit
      more control over this feature, too, so it's a nice to have.
    • Tristan Maat's avatar
      Refactor channel configuration function · 574a33f7
      Tristan Maat authored
      Since we won't add all channels in the local-but-caching mode (since
      the execution server will be undefined), this function will need
      This fixes a bunch of code duplication to make this easier.
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