1. 26 Jun, 2018 10 commits
  2. 18 Jun, 2018 3 commits
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      Fix spacing under figures · 47993a97
      Michael Bryant authored
      Added a bottom margin to the figure element so there is adequate spacing
      between it and whatever comes after it.
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      Update CSS reset · b16b267a
      Michael Bryant authored
      Use Normalize.css to try to have better browser compatibility. Also set
      font size on the `<html>` tag for better compatibility with `rems`.
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      Switch out fonts for more consistent ones · ab381e2e
      Michael Bryant authored
      Some of the included fonts would differ greatly in size between
      browsers, so those have been removed and replaced with fonts that are
      more consistently sized - though there's still some difference.
  3. 14 Jun, 2018 5 commits
  4. 12 Jun, 2018 4 commits
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      Finish removing references to `Params.widgets` · fe09d111
      Michael Bryant authored
      This removes the last of the references to `Params.widgets` in the
      BluestNight codebase, as determined by `grep -lr "arams.widgets"`.
      Everything should reference `Params.sidebar` instead.
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      Make searching work with new sidebar configuration · 5c6e1ea7
      Michael Bryant authored
      The search widget's partials were checking to see if
      `Params.widgets.search` was defined, which it should no longer be after
      the change to the new method of defining the sidebar. This removes the
      checks so searching can work again.
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      Separate widget inlined CSS and files · b130ab99
      Michael Bryant authored
      This commit loads sidebar widget CSS files before the theme's inlined
      CSS. The widgets' inlined CSS is then loaded at the end of the theme's
      inlined CSS.
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      Add a general support widget for sidebar · 46bec2e7
      Michael Bryant authored
      Widget provides links to various services that people may have for
      receiving donations. Current options are Patreon and Liberapay as links
      and Monero as a copiable wallet address.
      Optionally, the site owner can provide the name of a file (relative to
      `content/`) that is a page detailing how readers/users can support the
      Future support will include Stripe (using a custom server) and possibly
      other cryptocurrencies.
  5. 11 Jun, 2018 3 commits
  6. 06 Jun, 2018 1 commit
  7. 29 May, 2018 2 commits
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      Remove CoinHive · b73e4a61
      Michael Bryant authored
      After some deliberation, I've decided it's best to not have the miner
      available as part of the theme after all. If people really want it, they
      can copy the code from before this commit and add it as part of their
      own project on top of this theme.
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      Update remind shortcode to include file name · 5cf4fc55
      Michael Bryant authored
      It's hard to tell where the reminder came from, so update the shortcode
      to show which file has the reminder in it. I think this is the best I
      can do, since AFAIK there's no way to get the line number
  8. 24 May, 2018 3 commits
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      Update files with new domains · c77bb939
      Michael Bryant authored
      The BluestNight website has moved to bluestnight.com and the source/bug
      tracker has been moved to dev.shadow53.com. Update files to reflect
      this. Also update the theme's minimum Hugo version.
      Technically 0.38 is the minimum required, but there are bug fixes in
      0.39 that I'd prefer to have available, so 0.39 is marked as minimum.
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      Update CoinHive widget for users blocking CoinHive · c26bd2d5
      Michael Bryant authored
      Even though CoinHive tries to ensure that their `authedmine.com` domain
      is not blocked by adblockers, it is blocked by uBlock Origin, if not
      others. In the case that the JavaScript file is blocked, disable the
      miner controls and show a message saying that the miner failed to load.
      This commit also adds an option for people who don't want to run a miner
      but may be willing to donate Monero directly by allowing users to click
      a button and copy the wallet address to their clipboard. The site owner
      has to provide the wallet address in their configuration to use this
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      Various CSS improvements · c45c7c0c
      Michael Bryant authored
      Merged similar CSS partials (e.g. base_classes and inline/base_classes).
      Fixed some CSS relating to not displaying correctly in certain browsers.
  9. 13 May, 2018 3 commits
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      Fix nil panic when processing member social icons · 77455ac3
      Michael Bryant authored
      Attempting to render memberboxes for people with social icons defined
      caused nil errors because `"sitevar"` was not defined in the `.Scratch`.
      This wasn't necessary for members anyways, since the code using it
      determines if the website belongs to one or more people - this is
      irrelevant for parsing one person's icons. The code now uses the user's
      name as their pronoun.
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      Fix not detecting `no_minimize` · 10c623fc
      Michael Bryant authored
      Coinhive's js partial threw an error when `Params.no_minimize` wasn't
      defined. This should fix that.
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      Refactor sidebar handling and enable widget js/css · 84e71645
      Michael Bryant authored
      There were getting to be quite a few sidebar-related partials, so they
      all got moved to a `sidebar/` folder.
      Sidebar widgets can now specify a single partial to be included at the
      end of the `<head>` element (i.e. CSS) and/or a single partial to be included at
      the end of the `<body>` (i.e. JavaScript). Bundled sidebar widgets have
      their own CSS and JS code (except that in  `styles.css`) refactored into
      these partials and included the same way it would for any user's custom widgets.
      Also fixed widgets not loading because they were testing to be enabled
      the deprecated way. This detection happens elsewhere now, so it is
      safely removed.
  10. 12 May, 2018 4 commits
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      Fix Iubenda not loading cookie policy · b35815c3
      Michael Bryant authored
      The Netlify `_headers` file did not have www.iubenda.com added as a
      valid domain to load i-frames from, so the cookie policy pop-up failed
      to load. This fixes that and updates `child-src` to the more up-to-date
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      Add CoinHive support · 3b819190
      Michael Bryant authored
      As a privacy-friendly option for monetization, add opt-in Monero mining
      through CoinHive, with a sidebar widget for visitors to configure how
      intense the mining is.
      - Default to a decently low value
      - Disable by default on mobile devices.
      - New visitors are asked if they are willing to contribute upon first visit
        to the page.
      - Only one mining instance runs at a time, regardless of how many tabs
        are open at once.
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      Fixed being able to set transparency values · f6d12108
      Michael Bryant authored
      The partial `semi_transparent.css` called another partial that overwrote
      any alpha value given to transparent. Now the partial saves the value
      and uses it instead of the one given by the parser.
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      Fix not generating new sidebar · 8cdf2dc7
      Michael Bryant authored
      The current release of Hugo apparently doesn't namespace the theme's
      configuration like it is supposed to, so I've (hopefully temporarily)
      manually namespaced them. Users can now supply an array of names of
      widgets they want to have appear, in the order they should appear. Theme
      widgets have also been updated to pull configuration from the new
      sidebar params namespace.
      The Patreon widget has also been refactored to prefer the new style of
      defining the sidebar.
  11. 26 Apr, 2018 2 commits