Commit 10514b5d authored by Ryan Walter's avatar Ryan Walter 👷🏻

Fix:Corrected Spelling

parent d2a89547
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
- `ncpa.cpl` will open the **Network Connections** control panel
- `appwiz.cpl` will open the **Program and Features** control panel
- `control` will open the **Win7 style Control panel**
- `compmgmt.msc` opens **Computer Managment**
- `compmgmt.msc` opens **Computer Management**
- `wf.msc` opens **Windows Firewall**
- `inetcpl.cpl` opens **Internet Properties** (Used by IE and Chrome)
- `gpedit.msc` opens **Group Policy Editor** (Pro and above)
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