Commit 830e0a0f authored by Christian Winter's avatar Christian Winter

scaling prefab instances with axis lock better but still wrong for non-90-degree rotations...

parent d84669ba
Pipeline #4816172 passed with stage
......@@ -78,7 +78,11 @@ class LineManipulator {
for (let instance of {
instance.transform.position = this.scalePoint(instance.transform.position, center, scaleVector);
if (!Preferences.onlyTransformPrefabInstancePosition)
instance.transform.scale = instance.transform.scale.multiplyVector(scaleVector);
instance.transform.scale = instance.transform.scale.rotateAround(, -instance.transform.rotation);
instance.transform.scale = this.scalePoint(instance.transform.scale,, scaleVector);
instance.transform.scale = instance.transform.scale.rotateAround(, instance.transform.rotation);
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