Commit 4c2fd71a authored by Christian Winter's avatar Christian Winter

selection now working in rotated and / or scaled state

parent c22ce48c
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......@@ -40,6 +40,11 @@ class PrefabInstance {
for (let line of this.reference.lines) {
// prepare line
line = line.copy().move(this.transform.position);
line.start.position = line.start.position.scaleFrom(this.transform.position, this.transform.scale);
line.start.position = line.start.position.rotateAround(this.transform.position, this.transform.rotation);
line.end.position = line.end.position.scaleFrom(this.transform.position, this.transform.scale);
line.end.position = line.end.position.rotateAround(this.transform.position, this.transform.rotation);
// check for hit
if (Utilities.distancePointToLine(mousePosition, line) <= cursorRange)
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