Commit 6f423486 authored by Benedikt Vollmerhaus's avatar Benedikt Vollmerhaus

Change submodule update abbr, Update submodules

parent 3b28dd0d
......@@ -46,5 +46,5 @@ if status --is-interactive
# Submodules
abbr -a gsm 'git submodule'
abbr -a gsmu 'git submodule update --remote --merge'
abbr -a gsmu 'git submodule update --recursive --remote'
Subproject commit e35b0794fde7d2f0957626cafe6e08709c0fc56b
Subproject commit cd04d886fe61d58bfb1a24ef6a5963f504ee092e
File mode changed from 100644 to 100755
Subproject commit a4bfd3b9b9c2d14badf89a668b5cf6fe3d79d9bc
Subproject commit 68abc1ec86ed9cac0f2868b3e074199bfb261921
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