Commit 05ede408 authored by Benedikt Vollmerhaus's avatar Benedikt Vollmerhaus

Fix IntelliJ dialogs being displayed on the wrong workspace

parent c5692b4d
......@@ -127,9 +127,13 @@ for_window [workspace=$ws_dev] layout tabbed
for_window [workspace=$ws_chat] layout tabbed
# IDEs
assign [class="jetbrains-(?!toolbox).+"] $ws_dev
assign [class="NetBeans"] $ws_dev
# Launch IDE and splash screen (" " as window name) on development workspace,
# but don't affect opened dialogs in case the window was moved somewhere else.
assign [class="jetbrains-(?!toolbox).+" window_type="normal"] $ws_dev
assign [class="jetbrains-(?!toolbox).+" title="^ $"] $ws_dev
# Communication
assign [class="Evolution|Riot|Wire"] $ws_chat
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