1. 22 Mar, 2016 2 commits
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      Created conf.d file structure. Cleaned up IPTables comment module parsing,... · e75d2b7d
      Brad Cable authored
      Created conf.d file structure.  Cleaned up IPTables comment module parsing, and also escaped the strings.  Restructured test config into etc_sopeq.
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      Proper dealing with logging on services, including full usage of · 70dcf240
      Brad Cable authored
      IPTables log-prefix and log-level options.  Proper handling of the
      "comment" module of IPTables, allowing for really simple parsing and
      flexible comments to be added to IPTables rules.  Created
      iptables_helpers.py which takes some functions away from controller.py
      that need to be shared across its calling-children classes.  New
      configuration options "log_level" and "include_related"; "log_level"
      specifies the log-level that gets passed into every LOG target, and
      "include_related" decides whether or not to include the RELATED TCP
      state by default (default False, because I can currently only think of
      FTP that this helps out on so FTP can be defined individually or for
      those setups this option can be flipped on, and LDAP apparently is
      classified as RELATED even if it's an IP that is disallowed (??? I could
      be wrong but I'm pretty sure this is what I observed)).
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