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# SonicStreamer
Listen to your own music with SonicStreamer on Windows 10.
[Subsonic]( is a media streamer where you can get access to music which is stored on a server. Instead using the web browser you can use SonicStreamer as a Client App. Just connect the App to a Subsonic server and you will be able to stream all the music from this server.
Please keep in mind that you probably need a Premium License to use the online functionalities. For more information about Subsonic and how to set up a server please visit the [Subsonic homepage](
## Architecture
The whole app uses the [Model–view–view-model (MVVM) pattern]( as usual for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps. Beside the three levels Model, ViewModel, View there is a fourth level called "back end". This level takes over the whole communication to external server like Subsonic and its derivates or other services like or MusicBrainz.
## 3rd party libraries
The following 3rd party libraries are used:
### MusicBrainz
C# library which implements the MusicBrainz API.
- Author: [avatar29A](
- Source: [GitHub](
- License: [The MIT License (MIT)](
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