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......@@ -9,22 +9,25 @@ Basic Usage
.. aimms:parameter:: spam(eggs)
.. aimms:parameter:: P_demand(l)
Spam or ham the foo.
Numerical demand of a certain location l.
This describes an AIMMS parameter called spam indexed over the eggs index.
This describes an AIMMS parameter called P_demand indexed over the l index.
The domains also provide roles that link back to these object descriptions. For example, to link to the parameter described in the example above, you could say
The function :aimms:parameter:`spam` does a similar thing.
The parameter :aimms:parameter:`P_demand` gives similar data.
As you can see, both directive and role names contain the domain name and the directive name.
The AIMMS Domain is used extensively in the [AIMMS Function Reference](
The AIMMS Domain
......@@ -104,3 +107,38 @@ These roles are provided to refer to the described objects:
| :aimms:mathematicalprogram: |
| :aimms:file: |
| :aimms:handle: |
Coupling the domain with intersphinx
Cross link with other AIMMS documentation websites
[Intersphinx]( extension enables you to import the global index (a list of all titles, files and declared domain objects with their URL) from another sphinx repository (website).
Basic usage
For example, you may refer to ``AllIdentifiers`` set from the AIMMS function reference using the following syntax:
This will result in an clickable hyperlink redirecting you to:
**Tip:** if you are not sure about the type (set, parameter, elementparameter, etc.), you may also use
This will be available provided that you've included the AIMMS function reference in your intersphinx set up. You can do so by adding to the following line to the ```` file:
``` python
intersphinx_mapping = {'functionreference': ('',
``objects-functionreference.inv`` is a potential backup that you may include in your repository if you can't connect to the internet while building your docs as described [here](
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