Verified Commit 2cb30450 authored by Artemis's avatar Artemis 🐱

Saved every todo on my kanban

parent 377d7178
x 2020-05-20 add @css minification +optimisation
add @cache +optimisation
x 2020-05-20 add @css underline under currently viewed page in navbar (about / folio / etc)
x 2020-05-20 add home @page
x 2020-05-20 add about @page
x 2020-05-20 add article list @page
x 2020-05-20 add portfolio @page
x 2020-05-20 add article display @page
x 2020-05-20 add raw / md view @page
x 2020-05-20 add Atom @feed
re-scale search button to be more unified with @search bar
x 2020-05-20 develop a primitive @search system
x 2020-05-20 create @login page +admin
x 2020-05-20 create @admin panel +admin
x 2020-05-20 create @article management system +admin +cms
x 2020-05-20 "can create an article" +admin +cms
x 2020-05-20 "can edit an article" +admin +cms
x 2020-05-20 "can edit an article's metadata" +admin +cms
x 2020-05-20 "can delete an article" (flagged in DB, never really deleted) +admin +cms
find better icon for the @blog (very probably trans-themed)
"can change my GPG key online" +admin +cms +gpg
"can change my portfolio online" +admin +cms
"can change my about page online" +admin +cms
push in front the donation button in the about @page
@admin panel login notification (e-mail / sms / whatever) +notification
@admin panel repeated login fail notification (e-mail / sms / whatever) +notification
x 2020-05-20 add syntaxic coloration server-side @css
give link to .asc gpg key +gpg
set right client-side @cache cookies +optimisation
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