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<p>I'm a french backend developer, learning about user-experience.</p>
I'm currently taking an interest in Clojure (again), and working on some mobile and desktop projects
(respectively using Flutter and C++).
(using C++, with Qt).
<h2>Latest articles</h2>
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<li><b>Languages</b>: Java, Go, PHP, Javascript, C#, Rust</li>
<li><b>OS</b>: Windows (7, 10), Linux (Arch, Debian), MacOS</li>
<li><b>OS</b>: Windows (7, 10), Linux (Arch, Debian)</li>
<li><b>DBMS</b>: PostgreSQL, MySQL (/ MariaDB), Redis</li>
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<li><b>PHP</b>: PhalconPHP, Siler</li>
<li><b>Go</b>: Gorilla</li>
<li><b>Frontend</b>: Angular</li>
<li><b>Mobile</b>: Flutter</li>
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