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lizzy went through quite an overhaul, in a single huge MR (ahem.). See...

lizzy went through quite an overhaul, in a single huge MR (ahem.). See discussion attached for most relevant changes
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    lizzy went through quite an overhaul. Here are the most relevant changes:

    • [bugfix] lizzy now behaves consistently when it (or mpv) gets a signal (int, kill, hup...)
      this should fix some cases where lizzy ate the CPU in background by the past.
    • [breaking change] lizzy moved its config and libraries to .config/lizzy
      (from XDG_DATA_HOME location, herited from shared storage with m, a while ago) this is more inline with standard.
      i.e. move ~/.local/share/lizzy to ~/.config/lizzy
      Note: to those that put their dot files in git, mind that library index is in .config now.
    • [breaking change] libraryIsSlash now defaults to no: makes an easier welcome to new users.
      To retain old behavior, simply add those lines to your config.ini
      libraryIsSlash = yes
    • [breaking change] lizzy now excludes srt files by default when indexing, makes for lightier lists to read. See next point.
    • [added feature] you can now set skipExtensions in to your liking in your config
      skipExtensions = FLAC mp3
    • youtube-dl is now run in console screen, not whithin curses:
      we traded integration for raw youtube-dl output messages and a stronger feeling of transparency and control
    • Code is now blackened (with -S option) and reviewed against pylint
    • [added feature] new program option, '-u': check for updates online
    • lizzy dropped its weirdish internal single-item actions-queue
    • argument parsing: lizzy dropped custom code and now uses argparse. this allows to loose '=' when specifying the profile
    • [bugfix] searching for 'tmp' will not show tmp_downloaded files by their path.
    • [added feature] added ^F binding that puts cursor up in search field
    • [added feature] dropping a file on lizzy now directly adds it to playlist, and select it
    • I tested lizzy against ssh and activated pipe detection code
    • lizzy was tested against slow hardware and performs well. Yeah :)
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