Commit 34ed3262 authored by Jeff Smits's avatar Jeff Smits

The let scope is local, so no longer a scope in this system, we just need the extra offset

parent 3633389f
......@@ -80,8 +80,7 @@ impl<'d, 'f: 'd> MutContext<'d, 'f> {
let mut term_clos_offsets = self.term_clos_offsets.borrow().clone();
let mut strategy_clos_offsets = self.strategy_clos_offsets.borrow().clone();
// note the extra scope, because `let`s allow recursive definitions
// note the extra local scope, because `let`s allow recursive definitions
strategy_clos_offsets.push(self.strategy.borrow().len() + let_scope_size);
(term_clos_offsets, strategy_clos_offsets)
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