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# Classical Music Tagger BETA
# Classical Music Tagger
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A plain audio file metadata editor ("tagger") especially for **classical music**.
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# Beta
The app has not been thoroughly tested and might show various malfunctions. See integrated offline help text for more information and known problems. However, by using backup files, data loss is nearly impossible, as explained below.
# Music Organisation
Other music organisation apps are meant for pop music only and deal with "Songs" and "Artists". This is not suitable for classical (baroque, renaissance, ...) music which is organised by composer, work, movements and performers.
......@@ -62,7 +58,7 @@ For more information see the Google Play Store entry or the offline help text of
* Proprietary Apple iTunes tags for classical music
* Built-in autocompletion for genres and more than 220 composer names
* Either remove or maintain redundant (old) ID3v1 tag blocks
* Four female composer names, looking for more...
* Five female composer names, looking for more...
* Expert or simplified mode
* Migrate Apple tags to standard or vice versa, or leave both
* Preserve original file as backup
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