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DOC: note on case-sensitive proxy variables and the need for upper and lower case versions

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......@@ -133,13 +133,20 @@ following to the `[[runners]]` section:
pre_clone_script = "git config --global http.proxy $HTTP_PROXY; git config --global https.proxy $HTTPS_PROXY"
environment = ["HTTPS_PROXY=docker0_interface_ip:3128", "HTTP_PROXY=docker0_interface_ip:3128"]
environment = ["https_proxy=docker0_interface_ip:3128", "http_proxy=docker0_interface_ip:3128", "HTTPS_PROXY=docker0_interface_ip:3128", "HTTP_PROXY=docker0_interface_ip:3128"]
Where `docker0_interface_ip` is the IP address of the `docker0` interface. You need to
be able to reach it from within the Docker containers, so it's important to set
it right.
NOTE: **Note:**
In our examples, we are setting both lower case and upper case variables
because certain programs expect `HTTP_PROXY` and others `http_proxy`.
Unfortunately, there is no
on these kinds of environment variables.
## Proxy settings when using dind service
When using the [docker-in-docker executor]( (dind),
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