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Wakadog is a web application for dog owners which don't have time to walk them. Wakadog can help those people in finding people who can help them with it.


  • PHP 5.6 with
    • Intl extension (for localization of dates)
    • GD extension (for operating on uploaded images)
    • Exif extension (for operating on uploaded images)
  • npm with gulp globally installed
  • composer
  • MySQL database


  • Through git (RECOMMENDED)
    1. Clone repository with git clone https://gitlab.com/Albert221/wakadog.git.
    2. Install npm dependencies with npm install.
    3. Build scripts and stylesheets with gulp.
    4. Install composer dependencies with composer install.
  • With preinstalled and prebuilded package (NOT RECOMMENDED)
    1. Download zip with all files from the newest tag.

And then...

  1. Change database connection configuration and GMaps API key in config/config.php file.
  2. Give vendor/doctrine/orm/bin/doctrine permission for executing, e.g. chmod +x vendor/doctrine/orm/bin/doctrine.
  3. Run vendor/doctrine/orm/bin/doctrine orm:schema-tool:create.
  4. Give web/storage permisison for writing.

And you're done! You can register and do stuff.

You can also give yourself moderator privileges by setting role to mod in database.