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Update bot.py

parent 6d560ce8
......@@ -347,7 +347,7 @@ async def about(ctx):
@bot.command(aliases=["apicord", "cord"])
async def credits(ctx):
embed=discord.Embed(title=("APIcord Alpha 3"), description=("Credits"), color=(botcolor))
embed=discord.Embed(title=("APIcord Alpha 3.0.1"), description=("Credits"), color=(botcolor))
embed.add_field(name=("Creator and programmer"), value=("error#7900 (absucc)"), inline=(False))
embed.add_field(name=("APIs"), value=("used in this project"), inline=(False))
embed.add_field(name=("Coffee API"), value=("by **Alex Flipnote** \n (" + prefix + "img coffee)"), inline=(True))
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