[0.8.7] - 2021-05-08


  • Feature optimizations: creating new mode decision / encode-decode feature levels allowing better speed / quality trade-off granularity
  • Preset repositioning after adopting new levels
  • Preset 8 achieving similar speed levels to that of x265 medium in the VOD (shot-based encoding) use-case while maintaining quality gains
  • New 1-pass and 2-pass VBR implementation ported from libaom and adapted to the SVT architecture - still a WIP
  • Cleaned up old VBR and CVBR RC code along with the lookahead mechanism associated with them
  • Improvements for TPL algorithm to handle long clips and easy content
  • Added HDR support and color primaries SEI signaling (off by default until integrated with ffmpeg)
  • Memory optimizations, cleaning up data structures to reduce memory usage up to 2x memory reduction in multi-threaded VBR environment
  • Additional AVX2 and AVX512 optimizations
  • Cleaned up unused command line parameters except the config params that are linked to ffmpeg
  • Update user guide and documentation

Build and Testing

  • Bug fixes
  • Improve CI coverage
  • Improve Unit Test Coverage
  • Address C vs asm mismatches
  • Fix static analysis warnings / errors