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    Merged revision(s) 1845-1859 from branches/develop: · 7e276fe2
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    forgot to add the SEO config as a dependency to the feeds frontend controller
    - added support logging arrays and objects
    - added the possibility to log SQL queries (use the new constant DEBUG_SQL)
    - although there is there is now more code duplication, use a real COUNT() SQL statements for retrieving the count of news
    - avoid some SQL queries when the current request equals the minify module
    - moved the navbar Smarty function into the menus module
    - moved the processNavbar helper method into the navbar Smarty function, as it is used only there
    - made the menus module an optional dependency of the articles module
    - fixed the method Modules::getActiveModules()
    - some minor changes and code optimizations
    - only allow var export for debug logs
    - when disabling and uninstalling a module, purge cached/compiled templates files to
    - changed the behavior of the frontend validation
    - added some doc blocks
    - corrected a english language string
    - fixed the displaying of the date of a comment
    - added the new helper method Modules::getModuleId()
    - simplified some  SQL queries of the comments module
    - simplified some code in guestbook, comments and news controllers
    - fixed an javascript placeholder bug in the comments admin index
    - removed unnecessary Modules::isActive() for categories inside the News module, as it does have a hard dependency on it
    - reworked and fixed the System\Helpers::checkUninstallDependencies() method
    - some minor changes and optimizations
    - added new method Modules::getInstalledModules() to get all currently installed (active and inactive) modules
    - reworked the module installation/uninstalled/enabling/disabling process, to work flawlessly
    - fixed possible PHP warnings in the SQLLogger because of undefined array indices 
    - fixed "no entries" message in categories admin index
    - fixed undefined template variable in articles sidebar widget
    - added the possibility to directly delete files via the Cache::purge() method
    - finalised the work on the module management
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