1. 19 Oct, 2019 1 commit
  2. 28 Apr, 2019 1 commit
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      implement interoperability functionality · d30b3ae0
      Dirk authored
      This commit implements the interoperability functionality that allows
      supporting other mods without having to depend on them. As first mod the
      famous “Unified Inventory” mod is supported with a custom page.
      The default inventory (sfinv) is also implemented via the i14y system.
  3. 22 Apr, 2019 2 commits
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      allow different display styles · d5956c0f
      Dirk authored
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      make mod more flexible · 9c92665a
      Dirk authored
      Now the global table staysa available allowing to use it for more things
      and allow further improvements that were hard to implement without the
      global table.
  4. 17 Apr, 2019 5 commits
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      move palette name indicator in buttons container · 2ee7c744
      Dirk authored
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      update code documentation · 6a64287b
      Dirk authored
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      use built-in pixe getter and limit to 128 colors · c7b6e4c4
      Dirk authored
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      allow world-specific palettes · 98f519bd
      Dirk authored
      Place palettes in `world/pixelart_lapettes/platte_id.lua` with same
      content as built-in palettes in `mod/palettes/*.lua`. World-specific
      palettes overwrite built-in palettes with same id (file name sans
      suffix). Wolrd-specific palettes have `(w)` added to their title
      automatically for being able to distinguish them from built-in palettes
      in the palettes list.
      To remove a palette add a palette with same name in the world-specific
      palette folder and return a table containing an empty color table:
          return { color={} }
      This overwrites the built-in palette and since the palette does not
      provide any colors it is removed from the palettes list.
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      replace tool with sfinv page · 064c8c5c
      Dirk authored