Commit 98e1b61d authored by Ahoy's avatar Ahoy

Kodik API

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......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ function yo(sel) {
var btns = {};
options.button = (options.button)
? options.button
: 'moonwalk: {Q} {T}, hdgo: {Q} {T}, newvideo: {Q} {T}, kodik: {Q} {T} iframe: {Q} {T}';
: 'moonwalk: {Q} {T}, hdgo: {Q} {T}, newvideo: {Q} {T}, kodik: {Q} {T}, iframe: {Q} {T}';
if (options.button) {
options.button.split(',').forEach(function (button) {
var btn = button.split(':');
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