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# Making of HBAS/Wii, of sorts, idk, maybe a blog?
Big parts:
- Somebody suggests "new platforms!"
- Big issue: Wii/3DS/PS2 all need SDL1, Chesto is SDL2 (check timeline vs. chestotesto here)
- CompuCat writes ChestoTesto as a minimal Chesto test app (
- Months pass
- vgmoose overnight-speedcodes an almost-finished SDL1 port then passes out, exhausted (
- The next day, CompuCat finishes the port, then speedcodes enough to get ChestoTesto working on Wii...then passes out, exhausted, unable to post anything until the following morning (
- Time passes
- CompuCat starts talking with OpenShopChannel to use their repositories
- Lyfe and crc32 writes some brilliant python-scriptery to migrate the repos over
- More time passes
- CrafterPika takes charge of doing a vWii repository
- CompuCat finally fixes resinfs in ChestoTesto
- CompuCat starts abstracting some SDL2 calls in HBAS...then forgets about the branch...then vgmoose accidentally redoes it all from scratch in master for 3DS! Whoops
- Wii build is halted by a search for cURL - dkP doesn't have a portlib
- vgmoose finds WiiLauncher by conanac which has a mystery binary
- CompuCat does more digging (copypasta from discord logs)
- WiiLauncher by conanac uses libcurl from Mysterious Source™️, as you found (easier git source:
- After trawling gbatemp, I found this ( YT video, where conanac mentioned grabbing libcurl from "WiiBrowser"
- Google led me to a WiiBrew page ( and a website (, both with source. Apparently, this was a browser developed by gave92
- Googling that revealed that gave92 is Marco Gavelli (, an engineer at Maserati of all places
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