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update agenda. unclear who will be considered for endorsements

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......@@ -26,20 +26,20 @@ const Page = () => (
<dt>7:00</dt><dd>Call to order</dd>
<dt>7:01</dt><dd><Link to="/pledge-of-allegiance" className="link">Pledge of Allegiance</Link></dd>
<dt>7:03</dt><dd><Link to="/minutes/2019-05-08" className="link">Approve of previous meeting's minutes</Link></dd>
<dd>Endorsement considerations</dd>
Jennifer Cail
Rory Graves
Port of Seattle, Commissioner
Nina Martinez
Sam Cho
<dt>7:05</dt><dd>Emily Parzybok: Yes! Seattle Libraries Levey</dd>
<dt>7:10</dt><dd>Election of King County Alternate Non-Male</dd>
<dt>7:15</dt><dd>Endorsement considerations</dd>
<dt>8:05</dt><dd>Break & Raffle</dd>
<dt>8:15</dt><dd>Endorsement considerations (continued)</dd>
<dt>9:05</dt><dd>Treasurer's report</dd>
<dt>9:10</dt><dd>Good of the order</dd>
"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
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