Commit cc2c3503 authored by Carlo Ascani's avatar Carlo Ascani

Remove an unsupported option for scour

parent 38f99867
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......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ cp -r $FONTS $OUT
# 5. Inject svg files
for f in $(find $IMAGES -type f -iname "*.svg")
SVG=$(scour $f --indent=none --no-line-breaks --remove-metadata --remove-descriptive-elements --enable-comment-stripping --enable-viewboxing 2>/dev/null | tr '\n' ' ')
SVG=$(scour $f --indent=none --no-line-breaks --remove-metadata --enable-comment-stripping --enable-viewboxing 2>/dev/null | tr '\n' ' ')
sed -i -e "s|{{$(basename $f)}}|${SVG}|g" $OUT/index.html
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