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Authentic rc pouches

Player Name requested to merge PlayerName/2009scape:pouches into master

What has been done in this MR?

  • Fix #1587
  • Change pouch degrade message to the authentic message
  • Authentically have pouches degrade on fill, rather than on empty
  • Have degraded pouches swap their item id, as is authentic
  • Authentically have pouches degrade based on the amount of ess filled, rather than on the number of times a fill action has taken place. As Hax says in #1587, the pouches should not degrade in a flat 10 turns all at the same time. Authentic sources below confirm this but without exact numbers; OSRS does provide exact numbers, and on its large-pouch page also explains how these degrade charges change when the pouch is already degraded. By implementing these changes, the pouches no longer all degrade simultaneously, matching the qualitative authentic observations (which lends further credence to the correctness of the OSRS numbers, plus the fact that none of the authentic sources dispute them).
  • There is suggestive contemporaneous RS2 wiki and forums evidence that pouches eventually disappear if not repaired, so I left in the code that was already in place for these "completely degraded" pouches, modifying it to delete the item rather than (incorrectly - this should have happened earlier, see above & see below sources) change it to the degraded item. The OSRS wiki (particularly the large-pouch page) confirms this suggestive evidence explicitly.

Important note: because this MR makes pouch charges count per ess rather than per turn, if e.g. your giant pouch had 2 turns left this will now be read as 2 ess left. So don't be surprised if your pouches degrade very quickly immediately after this MR is applied. Just have the dark mage repair them and they'll be updated with the new max charge number.


  • for the correct degrade message
  • "Pouches degrade on filling them, not emptying them, and degrade based on the number of essence they are filled with and not per 'fill'. For example, a giant pouch filled with 1 essence does not degrade as much as one filled with 12 essence. Degraded pouches will continue to degrade and lose essence capacity until they disappear or are repaired."
  • "They degrade when filled, however, they also degrade based on the amount of ess that was put into them. I know this because when I was repaired my pouches at the runecrafting guild instead of the abyss, my large pouch would still degrade after I paid for my giant pouch to be repaird. I believe the reason why people don't notice this is because they use the zammy mage, which repairs every pouch, so they only see their highest pouch degrade rather than every pouch after set number of ess put into them."
  • for illuminating details on the actual numbers suggested in #1587
  • "After it is used for the 31st and 40th time, this pouch will degrade and only hold 7 and 5 essence respectively. Further uses degrade the capacity to only 3 and eventually WILL VANISH on continuous use if not repaired.". This confirms that our degrade behavior is correct, it is only our fixed number of 10 complete refills for all pouches that needs changing.

What should testers check?

  • Pouches continue to work as normal and do not regress
  • Behavior is now authentic as per above
  • Check that I didn't introduce any exploits in the case you used second bank to get multiple copies of the pouch items
  • I have tested these changes thoroughly.

  • I used the relevant Zaros tool for any JSON edits where possible, and have attached screenshots of any changes.

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