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Fix MTA Telekinetic Theatre

Player Name requested to merge PlayerName/2009scape:mta into master

What has been done in this MR?

Fix #1576 (closed)

When we changed the default pathfinder to BFS, the minimum number of nodes for a pathfind changed from 1 to 2 (one for source, one for dest). As a result, the check that the statue was able to path to the tile next to it no longer matched the continuing branch of the if checking if the statue should move. This MR changes the failure condition from != 1 to > 2 so as to be compatible with both pathfinders.

What should testers check?

  • You can now do the telegrab mazes
  • The statue does not move through corridor walls
  • I have tested these changes thoroughly.

  • I used the relevant Zaros tool for any JSON edits where possible, and have attached screenshots of any changes.

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