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Adjust price of torso to 4.5M

Ceikry requested to merge torso-price-adjust into master

What has been done in this MR?

  • In the name of making the fighter torso more desirable (and, in turn, making it into a more effective gold sink) I am choosing to lower the price of the Fighter Torso from 7.5M to 4.5M, as this makes it something players might actually spend gold on. As it stands, very few people have paid the 7.5M.

NOTE: people who have already paid 7.5M, I'm sorry. No, I will not refund the 3M.

What should testers check?

  • Fighter torso costs 4.5m instead of 7.5m
  • I have tested these changes thoroughly.

  • I used the relevant Zaros tool for any JSON edits where possible, and have attached screenshots of any changes.

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