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Npc combat fixes

GregF requested to merge Gregf36665/2009scape:npcCombatFixes into master

What has been done in this MR?

What should testers check?


  • Check that all humans (6026-6045) turn in to werewolves (6006-6025) if you do not attack with (2952 equipped)
  • Check that they do not transform when you attack with 2952.
  • Check that a 1 hit KO does not have the human transform
  • Check that you get human loot (normal bones etc) if you kill a human
  • Check that you get werewolf loot (wolf bones) if you kill a human
  • Check you get werewolf gear (wolf bones) if you kill a werewolf
  • Check that the werewolf respawns as a human (the correct human)
  • Check that the human respawns if you kill them as a human
  • Check the werewolves have the correct examine text todo
  • Check all of the werewolves are animated in combat
  • Check that you can hear all of the werewolves attacking you
  • Check the humans are fighting as if they are level 24 and werewolves as if they are level 88 source (no 1ATT/1STR/1DEF 10HP NPCs, humans hit for ~2 max, werewolf ~8 max)
  • Check you always get wolf bones from all werewolves/humans
  • Check if you talk to the humans they are mean unless you have the ring of Charos (4202) or activated (6465) equipped
  • Check you have to have the ring equipped
  • Check the examines for all the humans are reasonable (and different)
  • Check the werewolves have the same examine
  • Check the ring of charos (and activated) have the correct examine text

Source for stats + settings:


Humans they each have their own page:

Bandit (1926)

  • Check they do not attack you if you are just there
  • Check they help each other out if you hit one of them
  • Check they keep assisting if you hit the same person again (you can run around to test this)
  • Check that they attack you if you are wearing Saradomin or Zamorak equipment with the correct shout (sources are in #317 (closed))
  • Check that once you have killed everyone/run away that you lose aggro
  • I have tested these changes thoroughly.

  • I used the relevant Thanos/Zaros tool for any JSON edits where possible, and have attached screenshots of any changes.

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