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Fix Many Issues

Player Name requested to merge PlayerName/2009scape:cooking_brawlers into master

What has been done in this MR?

  • Fix an off-by-one error that made cooking brawlers unobtainable.
  • To make it easier to test the above change, reworked the ::npc command to take an optional "amount" argument. Usage: ::npc id amount shouldWalk, with the last two arguments both being optional. You can spawn up to 900 npcs at once, but please be sure to clean up after them, because the client does not like to render more than around 900 npcs! Use ::potato to obtain a rotten potato, which has a "kill all nearby npcs" option.
  • Summoning points now no longer regenerate automatically. Fixes #1785 (closed)
  • Rewrote the ring of life. It now properly obeys teleport restrictions (teleblock, wildy level >=30, etc) and now properly has its teleport animation.
  • The code reverting a slayer ring to an enchanted gem now uses addItemOrDrop, so you won't lose the gem if your inventory was full (and your ring was worn in your equipment). The gem should spawn at your destination, not at the location you just teleported away from.
  • The inauthentic mounted glory in a POH now respects teleblock.
  • Revenants now only carry 20 food items that heal the authentic 1/6th of their max hp. Fixes #1781 (closed)
  • Ported the Winkins' farm exit message to contentapi, so that thanks to cation's message autosplitting code, it now no longer overruns the chatbox.
  • Added egg spawn in front of the chicken shrine in Zanaris and added its authentic use handler to the shrine. Fixes #1782 (closed)

What should testers check?

  • Check that cooking brawlers are rolled now. The easiest way is to spawn 900 chaos elementals (they have a 1:50 drop rate for any of the brawling gloves, so you may get around 9 brawlers per attempt) and kill them using the rotten potato. Then, use an alt to watch for the global announce message that your main just received cooking brawlers.
  • Check that I didn't introduce any new bugs/regressions in the ::npc command.
  • Confirm that you don't autoregenerate summoning points.
  • Confirm that the ring of life obeys teleport restrictions, e.g. it can be used in level 30 wildy - unless you're tbed - but not in level 31 wildy. Confirm that you can't find any way to manually trigger the teleport effect without actually getting hit to below 10% of your hp. Also confirm that dragonstone jewellery (glory, combat brace, ring of wealth, skills necklace) continues to behave as it should.
  • Confirm that using the last charge of an equipped slayer ring while your inventory is full does not swallow the enchanted gem.
  • Confirm that POH glory doesn't work when you're tbed.
  • Confirm that revenants eat at most 20 pieces of food, and that those heal 1/6th of their max hp.
  • Confirm that leaving Winkins' farm does not overrun your chatbox.
  • Confirm that there is an egg spawn in front of the evil chicken shrine and that using it on it says "Nice idea, but nothing interesting happens.".
  • I have tested these changes thoroughly.
  • I used the relevant Thanos/Zaros tool for any JSON edits where possible, and have attached screenshots of any changes.


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