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Quest Scorpion Catcher

GregF requested to merge Gregf36665/2009scape:ScorpionCatcher into master

What has been done in this MR?

  • Implement Scorpion Catcher
    • Add dialogue for Thormac
    • Update Seer's dialogue
    • Update Peksa dialogue
    • Dusty Key
  • Modify Seer's to a kt file to allow for dialogue
  • Add Mystic Staff upgrade to Thormac after quest completion

What should testers check?

I know that when Thormac gives you a cage and the Seer looks into a glass the dialogue should close and reopen but that's very challenging to do with the current architecture. Instead the dialogue stays open and you see the text.

During the quest:

  • Check the Scorpions can be captured in any order
  • Check the Old wall in Taverley Dungeon does not let you through until you are told by a Seer.
  • Check you can only get one cage from Thormac at a time
  • Check he doesn't give you one if your inventory is full
  • Check you can talk to a Seer for the first time after catching the Barbarian and/or the monastery scorpion
  • Check you do not have to talk to a Seer a second time but can still complete the quest.

After you have completed the quest:

  • Thormac allows you to enchant a battlestaff (1397, 1395, 1399, 1393, 3053, 6562, 11736) into a mystic staff
  • He charges 40,000
  • If you wear a Seer's headband (14631) which you get from completing the Seer's diary it only costs you 27,000

Unrelated to the quest:

  • check that setqueststage now warns you if you pick an invalid quest number rather than silently fail.


  • I have tested these changes thoroughly.

  • I used the relevant Thanos/Zaros tool for any JSON edits where possible.

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