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Welcome to the expr~ method:)
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* Posts
** Modulation and sequencing
Modulation, applying an continous signal onto a parameter, so the value of the parameter changes
smoothly over time.
Sequencing, applying a sequence of values onto a parameter, so the value of the parameter changes
discretely over time.
Modulation is easier to understand, as it forms one of the most fundamental technique in sound
synthesis. The three properties of any given oscillating sound (frequency, amplitude and phase)
can all be modulated to create interesting sounds.
Sequencing, on the other hand, is less common to achieve using only digial audio signal. The
objective is esseitially to quantize the signal into discrete "steps". As a result, even the
signal is continous, its changes in value are quantized accordingly. In short, in ints simplist
form, is to make a DSP version of a step counter.
The "trick" to make such a counter is simply to multiply the signal with a (max count) value, and
then only to take the integer part of the result. For example, [phasor~ 1]->[*~ 5]->[expr~
floor($v1, 0)]. This will result to a signal that counts from 0 to 4 in one second.
** signal wrapping
** modulation
** sequencing
* Topics
- counter
- simple signal transformation
- envelope generator
- modulation
** intermediate
- sample and hold
- bpm/frequency conversion
- structure generator
- [expr~] multiple output
- phase shift
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