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title: spotifyd at OpenBSD
tags: OpenBSD, spotify, spotifyd
date: 2017-12-13
author: Lenilson Jose Dias
format: md
Photo by Eric Nopanen on [Unsplash](
This morning I found this ["Aww yis! Spotifyd working on OpenBSD!"]( by [@qb1t](
This day I left my office feeling fever... Then why not? 😏
All stuff:
* OpenBSD [current](
* [portaudio](
* [Rust](,-main) programming language.
* A fork [0x7cc/spotifyd]( of [qb1t/spotifyd](
cargo build --release
At last `~/.config/spotifyd/spotifyd.conf`
username="<spotify username>"
password="<spotify password"
backend = portaudio
bitrate = 96|160|320
cache = cache_directory
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