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title: Emacs + Orgmode babel and Literate Programming
tags: void, voidlinux, emacs, babel, literate, programming, literate programming
date: 2017-06-06
author: Lenilson Jose Dias
format: md
Since my last post, I was thinking about remodeling a `` to a ``.
This new [orgmode]( is used to apply [Literate Programming]( and get:
- dotfiles at `$HOME`
- csh files at `$HOME/bin`
- lib files at `$HOME/lib`
All **important** information about this [](
- Purpose
- The Result
- Requirements
Applying Literate Programming Use Emacs + Orgmode babel to convert source code blocks into files with tangle is something very easy.
Bellow an example to create the file: `$HOME/.gitconfig` with a `core` and `user` sections:
* git
*** .gitconfig
:tangle: ~/.gitconfig
**** Core
#+begin_src conf
excludesfile = ~/.gitignore
editor = "vim"
autocrlf = input
filemode = false
pager = less -r
**** User
My personal information and GPG key for signing commits.
#+begin_src conf
name = Lenilson Jose Dias
email =
signingkey = 5074D5CF
It's possible to create shell scripts too:
** Setup emacs
:tangle: ~/bin/setup-emacs
:mkdirp: yes
:shebang: "#!/usr/bin/env csh"
~$HOME/bin/setup-emacs~ for now clone an Emacs git repository...
#+begin_src sh
rm -rf ~/.emacs.d
git clone ~/.emacs.d
This source code block will create a `csh` shell script `$HOME/bin/setup-emacs`.
It's possible create files in a different `file-mode` too:
*** msmtp
:tangle: ~/.msmtprc
:tangle-mode: (identity #o600)
[[][msmtp]] is a SMTP client. From [[][here]]:
#+begin_src conf
# Set default values for all following accounts.
auth on
tls on
tls_trust_file /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
logfile ~/.msmtp.log
# Gmail
account personal_email
port 587
account default : personal_email
Here with `:tangle-mode: (identity #o600)` will create `$HOME/.msmtprc` with `600` permission mode.
The section [Purpose]( has some inspiration references like this [video]( from [@howardabrams](
For this project I am using a `Makefile` to set up everything, but you can only call:
emacs --batch --eval "(require 'org)(require 'ob-tangle)" --eval '(org-babel-tangle-file "<path to>/")'
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