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    • @IzzySoft What's the expected location for the changelogs?

    • Good question. I'm not that familiar with Triple-T, I've just summed up my findings from their docs. If you can tell me (pointing to the source), I'll gladly add that. I didn't find it either in the docs nor in their issues, code, etc.

    • Sources:

      Theoretically path: .../src/main/play/release-notes/[locale]/production.txt

      However, that does not seem to work this way. For example https://codeberg.org/jonas-l/notificationlog-android/src/branch/master/app/src/main/play uses this structure (which was created by the gradle triple t publisher itself) but the release notes are not shown in the F-Droid client.

      In contrast to that, there is https://codeberg.org/timelimit/opentimelimit-android/src/branch/master/app/src/main/play which uses a different structure (which was used by older triple t versions) and there it works (release notes, description and the screenshots work in this case). (release notes are there at .../src/main/play/[locale]/whatsnew)

    • Thanks – but from those code links I cannot deduce the file name, sorry (tried that before; I'm no Android dev). I'd suggest contacting Triple-T and asking them to update their docs accordingly. As soon as they did, please let me know and I update.

      As for "new structure not working": if you are sure that is the "new location", maybe open an issue with fdroidserver to get it in. Not my playground either, sorry. Again, I've just summed up here what I found in the docs; I'm no Android dev myself.

    • I opened a ticket and was told that it's in their Readme - https://github.com/Triple-T/gradle-play-publisher#uploading-release-notes. Instead of production.txt, default.txt should fit better.

    • Quite confusing for a non-dev – or even a dev who doesn't know about "tracks" and "channels" because (s)he never publishes to Play. I'll further never understand that directory structure: why not make it [language]/listings/* and [language]/release-notes/* but instead make a bunch of trees? 😕

      Nevermind, we won't change that. Thanks for digging this up, I'll add it right away now!

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  • @IzzySoft I am getting issues with Triple-T and F-Droid.

    For instance, with Tubelab it works well but not its flavor TubeAcad

    Here is the implementation: https://framagit.org/tom79/fedilab-tube/-/tree/develop/app/src that follows instructions. It's ok for the flavor fdroid_full but not the flavor fdroid_acad:

    Works: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/app.fedilab.tubelab/

    Broken: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/app.fedilab.fedilabtube/

    And for UntrackMe (two flavors) it's broken for both flavors:



    => https://framagit.org/tom79/nitterizeme/-/tree/develop/app/src

    Not sure what I am doing wrong

  • @tom79 please address this at the proper issue tracker (which would be fdroidserver). I'm not really familiar with Triple-T and just put this snippet here for completeness (as at that time, F-Droid's documentation was really missing a rework which meanwhile has been done). I know that Triple-T is not as stable with F-Droid as Fastlane is – but that's all I can say. I've never worked with Tripe-T myself.

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