• How to use FLOSS Geolocator for Flutter applications:

    Import normal geolocator as known. You may also use other packages using geolocator as dependency.

        sdk: flutter
      geolocator: ^7.6.2

    To use FLOSS geolocator (e.g. only for the FLOSS builds), you can simply add a dependency override. This ensures other dependencies using geolocator are forced to use the FLOSS version too:

          name: geolocator_android
          url: https://hanntech-gmbh.gitlab.io/free2pass/flutter-geolocator-floss

    Please note the override no longer overrides geolocator but geolocator_android.

    Edited by B'Elanna Michalke
  • Was moved to https://gitlab.com/hanntech-gmbh/free2pass/flutter-geolocator-floss. It actually properly redirects.

  • Thanks to a nice discussion with @KrilleFear, the FLOSSed Flutter geolocator now got rid of the ugly git override and provides its own package automatically created server in CI/CD jobs. This permits to drop in the FLOSSed version once without any later modifications like e.g. updated versions / refs or Git imports in production builds. This was realized by a little utility called repo_pub_server.

  • For the latest version of the geolocator override, use this for your pubspec:

          url: https://github.com/Zverik/flutter-geolocator.git
          ref: floss
          path: geolocator_android
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